Shibata—Focus on “Beauty”
to Satisfy Customers

Since our establishment in 1964, we have been operating in the field of the fashion apparel business with a focus on women. The so-called bubble economy in Japan and its subsequent collapse, the price decline caused by deflation and the glut of goods resulting from excessive supply, and changes in shopping behavior due to the widespread use of IT — overcoming a wide variety of changes in our business environment, we have still continued to grow thanks to your generous cooperation and support.

Throughout our long history, we have always stuck to product development with our focus on “beauty” based on the concept “making women beautiful and making women look beautiful.”
As well as continuing to wholesale, we have also launched online sales, opened many more directly operated shops in Japan, and begun sales for overseas department stores and specialty stores through our corporate brand SiV, our main brand PLUSIV, and our second brand SiVPURE. We are thus making active efforts.
By continuing such attempts, we would like to achieve something new again toward customer satisfaction.

Women’s desire to become “more beautiful” will never ever change. We will never lose sight of this reality and continue to face it squarely, thereby continuing to present new surprises and pleasures.

President Hiroki Shibata President Hiroki Shibata

Corporate Philosophy

Dream, Ambition and Service

Major Premise/Basic Philosophy

Lifetime dreams and ambitions …
We can realize them as long as we have passion.Live a life in ambition, give dreams to others, and serve society
… we intend to always be passionate.

Management Philosophy/Mission Statement

A company is eternal.
We serve society, always have pride and responsibility in our work, and fully commit ourselves to the development of our business and the happiness of our members.

Business Policy/Basic Policy

1. Active but steady management
2. Highest quality
3. Coexistence and co-prosperity

We decide our annual policy through a council system at the beginning of each fiscal year, and the policy serves as an index for that year.
We believe that the crucial point of profit allocation lies in stable supply to our members.
When establishing an annual plan, we also prepare a sales plan, an investment plan, and a new category development plan.
In addition, we operate a long-term plan based on a new category development plan and a staffing plan.



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    Tokyo Branch

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    Distribution Center

Corporate Profile

NameShibata Co., Ltd.
Capital40 million yen
PresidentHiroo Shibata
Sales2 billion yen
BusinessPlanning, manufacture and sales of clothes for women
Major business partners1,000 specialty shops nationwide
  • Headquarters

    3-12 Asahira, Fukuju-cho, Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture, 501-6255

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  • Tokyo Branch

    1F Shibata Building,3-3-12 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051
    TEL:03-3423-4603  FAX:03-3423-4614

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  • Osaka Branch

    3F Semba echo Building, 3-6-6 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 541-0054
    TEL:058-392-5411   FAX:058-392-1434

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  • Distribution Center

    SiV Logistics Co.,Ltd.
    3-12 Asahira, Fukuju-cho, Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture, 501-6255

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Corporate Milestone

September 1964The business is established by the current Corporate Adviser.
January 1974The business is incorporated as Shibata Co., Ltd. with capital of 20 million yen, and Minoru Shibata assumes the presidency.
August 1976The new brand Blue Note is launched.
November 1979The affiliated company Range Rover Corp. is established in Aoyama, Minato City, Tokyo, and Minoru Shibata assumes the presidency.
July 1985A CAD system is introduced.
May 1986The Sales Department (Tokyo Shibata) is established at the Tokyo Business Department.
April 1997The main brand SIV and the new brand PLUSIV are launched.
May 1997A system operated by office computers for real-time control of inventory according to size and color is completed.
February 1998The Shibata Total Computing System (STACS) is introduced as the first phase.
May 1998Tokyo Shibata Business Department is relocated to 3-3-12 Sendagaya, Shibuya City.
November 1998The status of Tokyo Shibata is upgraded to the Tokyo Branch.
November 1998The new brand POSIV is launched.
December 1998The Shibata Total Computing System (STACS) is introduced as the second phase.
May 2000A CAD/CAM total system is completed.
October 2004SiV Logistics Ltd. is established.
November 2004STACS is introduced as the third phase.
September 2005SiV Nishiharu Branch, a directly operated store, is opened at PareMarche Nishiharu, Wakamiya, Shikata, Kita-Nagoya City.
June 2010Hiroo Shibata assumes the presidency.
April 2011The new brand sivpure is launched.
May 2013The Osaka Sales Branch is opened in Chuo-ku, Osaka City.
May 2014SiV SunRoad Branch, a directly operated store, is opened at Nagoya Station Underground Mall Sun-Road.